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WHO WE ARE:  We are eclectic, classic, rustic.  The glue that binds all of this? We are home grown. True to all of the beauty and bounty that Vermont has to offer. 


First and foremost, it's all about the food. Chef/Owner Jess Werkheiser lives and works by the tenet that all the food we execute should be sourced as close to the vine as possible. Jess is in her full passion with her style of cooking; high quality ingredients, dedication to local and sustainable farms and purveyors, and an everlasting devotion to food. "I love the creative part of putting menus together, and then, cooking is my therapy. The icing on the cake is watching people enjoy our food. The entire process really fulfills me. I love the collaboration. From planning with the client, sourcing from our local providers, prepping and preparing everything with my team, to the final set up, execution and break down of the event. All of it fuels my fire."


Time and time again I've heard from clients "this was the first event I've thrown where I got to enjoy myself and spend time with my family and friends (or co-workers), not worry about every little thing". This is what we do well- take care of the details. You can be assured that, from conception to completion of your event, we will be thinking equally about the grand scope and all the small stuff. Whether simple or extravagant, we will work closely with you to bring your event's vision to life.




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